So, What is My Business Worth?

Here at borderless brokers we can help provide a brokers opinion of value where our team will help you determine what its all worth! Simply complete the form below to get the process started. Don’t forget to check out our business valuation methods section below for a bit more!

Three Business Valuation Methods

Asset Approach

This approach to valuing a business bases the value mostly on its tangible assets. It is primarily used when a business is not generating a high level of return on its assets and has minimal goodwill.

Market Approach

This approach to valuing a business compares and contrasts financial data such as EBITA, SDE, and Revenue to recent related business sales. It is often used when there is a lot of reported data on an industry’s transactions.

Income Approach

This approach to valuing a business is dependent upon two factors: the projection of the future benefits and the determination of a suitable discount rate. It is often used when future projections are variable and growth is irregular.


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